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Assisting children with special needs through financial assistance for an improved quality of life.

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Our amazing team includes family, friends, businesses and incredible supporters like YOU!  There is $0 administrative cost meaning every penny donated benefits a child in need.  Entirely operated by wonderful volunteers makes this Fund so special to everyone.  There would certainly not be a charity without these volunteers!

Our History


Looking for a way to honor their son, Jamey and Amy McVicker founded this charity to give back to the community and region that has been so kind to them. This Charity exists thanks to the loving support of so many family, friends, businesses, supporters and volunteers, 

Our Mission


To provide children with special needs a resource for financial assistance to improve their quality of life.  The assistance may be for medical bills, adaptive equipment, assistive technology and attendence to a camp, conference or symposium.

To provide financial assistance through furthering the education and skills of the future workforce that will care for children with special needs.  A secondary goal  is to increase the workforce pool in the region, providing more access to highly qualified personnel for these children.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to improve the quality of life of a child with special needs. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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